Yoga is One. We are One.

Today, exactly a year ago I was landing for my first time to India. Today, exactly a year ago my life was taking the first step to change completely, upside down, like an asana inversion. And today, after 12 months, I have the pleasure and the honor to do what I love, inspiring other people to improve their lives, in the place I love the most on earth. In the same place 12 months ago welcomed me.

I have been teaching all sorts of classes here at Little Cove, from a dynamic vinyasa flow to a more yin and gentle one. I’ve taught the art of pranayama and the beauty of Santosha. I have seen students crying, laughing or deeply relaxing after a guided mindful meditation session and I have learned so much from all these wonderful people I’ve met and from my beloved Guruji. What I’ve learned the most is that YOGA IS ONE. We Are One – “So Ham”.


I’m not sure where the future will bring me, but I’m not worried. I don’t regret anything about the past because every step I took brought me to the beauty of the here and now. I’m living in the depth of the present moment, following what makes me and the people around me feeling happy & healthy. I do what I love and I love what I do. At the same time, I’m learning to have no expectation at all. Every day is different!!


Sometime, after teaching a class or talking to Guruji, I walk barefoot on the beach of Little Cola. I listen to the ocean’s waves, I feel the warm wind’s breath on my skin, I close my eyes, and I thank all the people, all the winds, all the tears, all the smiles, all the slaps on my face life gave me and all the hugs I’ve receive. I thank all Gods and Gurus around me and within me.



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