Be None Going Nowhere

There is this beautiful Sadhana (a sanskrit word for "Spiritual Practice") we should all practice in this over active world: “The art of doing nothing”. Or as we would say in italian "Il Dolce Far Niente" (the sweetness of doing nothing).

What if I tell you to do just nothing? Are you able to do it? Are you able to stop whatever activity you are doing and doing just nothing for the next, let’s say, 20 minutes? Don’t listen to music, don’t write, don't even pretend you are meditating :-) don’t read any book, don’t eat, drink or talk; don’t wash your hair or sleep. Don’t be engaged in any thoughts and especially do not judge.

For the next 20 minutes just sit down, stop and observe whatever happens around you and within you without judging it, without attaching to any positive or negative emotions or sensations. In fact as you only observe you should not be able to say something is positive or negative at all. Go beyond that.

Just mentally repeat this mantra to your self “I do nothing, I want nothing, I am nothing”

Then simply observe. Learn to be the detached witness, the equanimous spectator of this funny show that is our present moment. Learn to be none going nowhere and you will gain the greatest realization. When you consciously stop seeing and thinking, you often start seeing things as they really are. Life will became easier, lighter and will gain much more sense.

Have no Ego.

Be grateful.


Be empty and your heart will be full.

See everyone around you as a special creature, just like you are.

This cannot be more explained with words, it just needs to be experienced.

Enjoy And have some fun too! xx